Maagõkõnõ Restaurant at Toomemäe Farm

Toomemäe, Saabolda, Setomaa vald

Situated in Saabolda village, Toomemäe Farm is run by an industrious family led by hostess Sirje Kruusamäe. Sirje's lifelong dream has been to open the home restaurant Maagõkõnõ -- which means "poppy" in Seto language. When the family bought the farm, the fields were full of poppies. Now they decorate the walls of the cafe. The restaurant serves gourmet quality local food. They specialize in pike cutlets, warm sõir cheese, and homemade ice cream, but also wonderful pies. Sirje has won the Seto Kingdom pie competition many times. 
The restaurant can organize cooking workshops, as well as birthdays and other events.

Open: by appointment 

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Sirje Kruusamäe
+372 5341 8777
Toomemäe, Saabolda, Setomaa vald