This summer as well, we’re expecting pleasant August afternoons where ripening fruits and the approaching autumn can start to be sensed but the air is still warm and moods carefree.

In this small and pleasant Setomaa village near the border, a great bunch of country folk live and work. There’s also a great organic buckwheat farmer, Pai, who spread the gospel of raw groats among the women of the village and converted them into buckwheat believers – permanently it seems.

Come and taste what we have come up with this time and see what has changed since last year. As to the exact menu, that will be announced a week or two before the big day, but we can definitely say that this time the raw ingredients will be largely from our own farm and village. This year, the day of judgment for some of our lambs will come a bit earlier and the farm’s chickens are in peak form precisely in the first weeks of August. Dairy products come from Nopri farm dairy or local goat farmers.

We will hold Pop-Up Café Day in 142-year-old Rich Ivvan’s Farm. At a farm shop that Rich Ivvan founded back in 1905, we will sell goods from the village and environs. There will be activities for big and small. As mentioned, the farm has chickens, sheep and a young she-cat. As the big day approaches, we might come up with some other ideas with which to surprise you, so let’s be friends and follow us on the Pop-Up Café Day FB page. If you play an instrument, bring it with you – we’ll have an open mic.

Our Saturday gets under way at 11am with coffee and cake, and at 12 noon Sigre, your hostess, will tell you the story of how the farm was restored. We will serve hot food starting at 1pm.

Sirge Andreson
+372 507 1029
RIKKA IVVANI “TATRIK”, Küllätüvä küla, Setomaa vald