Maps of Setomaa

Here you find different maps of Setomaa.

  • This is like the backbone or axis of Setomaa, to which are fastened villages, churches, cafes, museums, and the like. One end of the Külavüü is at Võõpsu, Setomaa's northern gateway, and it winds through Värska and Saatse to Obinitsa and Meremäe, making knots through neighboring places -- like Tsiistre in Võrumaa -- and then ending at the Luhamaa border crossing. This imaginary line could also move forward through the historic heart of Setomaa, which is currently part of the Russian Federation.

    Additional information: Setomaa Turism,, 56821268

  • We welcome you to a veritable feast at Pop-up Café Day on SATURDAY, 17 August from 12.00–20.00 (with ObiNizza Üülokaal nightspot open from 19:00 to 5:00 in the morning on Sunday!) 
    and on SUNDAY, 18 AUGUST, 11:00–16:00, an “afterparty” where some of the cafés will continue to serve food as long as supplies last. 

    See introduction of the event and programmes of cafes on our website:

    Additional information: Ülle Pärnoja,, +372 513 1366