Hino Nature Park

Hino, Rõuge vald

The center of the Hino Nature Park is Lake Hino (approx. 200 ha, 10 m deep). The protected area has been created primarily for the protection of waterfowl (the rarest of which is the black-throated loon), but the beautiful lake itself is no less important. At the order of a local landlord, a ditch was dug from the eastern part of the lake to the Pedetsi River in the mid-19th century and the Siksälä mills were built there. It caused the lake's water level to drop by 3–3.5, a barrier emerged between Lake Hino and Mustjärv, and seven islands formed across the water's surface. To allow birds to nest in peace, the movement of people on the islands of the lake is prohibited from 1 May to 15 July.

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Hino, Rõuge vald