Laskevälja Bike Trail

Tööliste maja, Lobotka, Setomaa vald

This 43-kilometer-long bike trail is lined by the Mustoja kame field, forests, hills, salt marshes, and lakes. The trail introduces one to the military history of the region. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Estonian Defense Forces had an artillery range here.
The bike trail is a decent challenge for a cyclist in good shape: due to the difference in heights and sandy roads, one has to push the bike at some places. Though the 17-kilometer road from Värska to Lõunalaagri is fairly flat, the returning track is longer (26 km) and more difficult.
The starting point of the bike track is the RMK Värska campfire site, which also has a large trail map.

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Tööliste maja, Lobotka, Setomaa vald