Miikse St. John's Stone and Silmaallikas Spring

Miikse , Setomaa vald

Miikse's St. John's Stone (Estonian: Jaanikivi) is an ancient place of sacrifice. With Christianity arrived the legend of St. John who once sat on the stone and blessed it, and people started to visit the stone thereafter. It is believed that when you an injured or sick part of your body against the stone, it will be healed. Only pieces of the stone are still left as a local landlord used parts of it to build a barn. When the animals in the barn began to die, the stone's pieces were put back in place. The Silmaallikas Spring flows by the stone, and is also believed to have a healing effect. People still visit the stone and the spring on Midsummer's Day to heal themselves and leave behind coins as an offering.
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Miikse , Setomaa vald