Piusa River Valley Hiking Trail

Vana-Vastseliina , Võru vald

The 15-km-long Piusa River Valley Hiking Trail runs from the Vastseliina Castle ruins to Lindora or vice versa. At the beginning of the road, the trail runs calmly through the park of Vastseliina Manor through the meadows of the Piusa River. On the other side of the trail, the journey becomes more wild and at times steep. There are mills, single farmsteads, and numerous sandstone outcrops that are called walls here. The highest of them, including the highest in Estonia, are called the Härma Walls: these sandstone walls are 43 m high and 150 m long.

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Härma Walls. Distance 10 km from the starting point, along the trail.

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Vana-Vastseliina , Võru vald