Podmotsa's Tsässon

Podmotsa, Setomaa vald

Podmotsa's Tsässon is located in a small lakeside village in the middle of a medieval cemetery. The chapel, surrounded by lilacs and rowan trees, was built in 1760 and dedicated on Ascension Day. Because of this, it was built with young birches. There is a large stone cross near the chapel, as well as two smaller ones. According to local legend, these are the larger cross's sons. Beside the cemetery is the village swing, and the National Geographic yellow window, which acknowledges a unique landscape. Walking down to the lake from the village, one can also view the Kolpino Orthodox Church, which is currently located in Russian territory.

Price: 15 EUR
Open: by appointment

Setomaa Turism
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Podmotsa, Setomaa vald