Saatse Museum

Muuseumi, Samarina, Setomaa vald

Saatse Museum is located almost on the Russian border. The museum building doesn't remind one of a farmhouse at all. It looks like a mansion! It was originally someone's home, then a schoolhouse, and now a museum. Saatse Museum is distinguished by its wall paintings and interactive features, such as old film clips. The upper floor offers a dose of nostalgia for some; an old Soviet classroom has been perfectly maintained with striped skirts, binders, abacuses, and other things that will remind many of their childhoods.
The museum has a spacious outdoor area, including a small stage; reservations can be made at the Saatse Church.

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Saatse muuseum
+372 5342 1428
Muuseumi, Samarina, Setomaa vald