Taarka Tarõ

Obinitsa, Setomaa vald

With a cozy and pleasant interior, Taarka Tarõ Köögikõnõ in Obinitsa is a true heart of Seto culture. The cafe hosts, Rieka and Aare Hõrn, are long-standing Seto cultural leaders, and through them every guest gets to take part in daily Seto culture. The cafe offers genuine Seto food, plus a selection of Finno-Ugric and Ukrainian dishes. Drinks, pies, bread, and hot drinks are also available. From October to May, food can be pre-booked but hot drinks are always available. Group catering can be booked. If desired, a Seto culture presentation or a leelo choir concert can be ordered.
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Rieka Hõrn
+372 562 03374
Obinitsa, Setomaa vald