Värska Farm Museum

Pikk 56/2, Värska, Setomaa vald

Here one can get a good idea of what a prosperous Seto farm from the 1920s looked like inside and out. But the farm museum isn't just a bunch of buildings. It's also a lively farm with chickens and roosters  and horses, and a guard dog named Pigi.
The main house of the museum hosts exhibits, and each summer one lady's handicrafts are displayed in the clothing barn. In May, colorful Seto lace is available for viewing. The old threshing barn is also a handicrafts shop in summer.
The museum often organizes theme days and celebrates the events of the national calendar. In the summer, there is an iloõdak every week, where Seto choirs perform leelo folk songs.

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Värska talumuuseum
+372 505 4673
Pikk 56/2, Värska, Setomaa vald