Värska visitor center – General Reek’s house

Pikk 29, Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001

The summer residence of Lieutenant General Nikolai Reek, built in the late 1920’s , is most definitely the architectural pearl of the Northern Camp. It is a nice example of Art Nouveau, characterized by generous and free use of forms, numerous ornaments, balconies, staircases, windows and towers.

After World War II the house had no owner. The local municipality never lost the hope to give the house a new life, one day. In the end of 2010’s the time had come. It was not possible to restore the house, but luckily there were enough schemes, plans and photographs about the original house to be able to reconstruct it. Based on these, the house was constructed to be just as gorgeous, flamboyant and eye-catching as the original, but just a bit bigger. The house, opened in May 2020, serves as the Värska visitor center.

The exhibitions of the center tell about the exciting history of Värska. The most noteworthy developments in the past 100 years have been the Northern Camp, built in late the 1920’s , and the health resort founded in 1970’s . The exhibitions focus on those two aspects – the Northern Camp and the War for Independence in 1918-1920 as well the use of mineral water and lake mud resources used at the local resort.

You can rent bikes, boats and pedal boats as well as skates from the visitor center.


+372 58 878 676
Pikk 29, Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001