Värska water park

Sanatooriumi tee, Väike-Rõsna, Setomaa vald, 64034

The Värska water park, founded in 2007, is the only water park in Estonia where you can bathe in the local natural mineral water. The jacuzzies filled with salty mineral water are of different temperatures – 25°C (77°F) and 34°C (93°F). Switching between the different temperatures helps to improve your blood circulation and your mood as well.

There are also a swimming pool and a sauna complex, a countercurrent canal (kids favorite!), water jets, kids and halotherapy pool and a pebble trail for massaging your feet. The pool bar offers extra fun, as you can place your order and enjoy your drinks while still in the pool. The bar offers a variety of smoothies, ice-cream cocktails and sodas.

The foyer of the water park features taps where you can taste the local mineral water of different salinity. Be prepared for a surprise! One of the waters is so salty that you can hardly swallow a mouthful. The salinity depends on the mineral content of the water. The water with the highest saline content is taken from the deepest layers in the ground. This is the best type of water for therapeutic baths.

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AS Värska sanatoorium ja veekeskus
+372 799 9334
Sanatooriumi tee, Väike-Rõsna, Setomaa vald, 64034