AS Värska Vesi drilled well at Laagri beach

Pikk 33, Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001

The first mineral water drilled well, called Värska I, is located here at Laagri beach. That’s where the search for mineral water started in 1967. The first drill opened up the Cambrian-Ordovician mineral water layer at the depth of 451-463 meters. The mineral water burst out of the well and the column of water rose 20 meters above the ground! The mineral water from this water layer is a good-quality table water, as it is not too salty. The mineral content is a bit above 2 g/l. In addition to the main minerals ‒ sodium, potassium and calcium ‒the water also contains magnesium. It’s just the right kind of water to drink after a work-out or any activity involving intense perspiration, to restore the mineral balance of the body. The Värska I drill well has been unused for a long time, but the company plans to start pumping from the well again soon.

MTÜ Setomaa Turism
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Pikk 33, Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001