Freedom monument of the Pechory county

Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001

Opposite the Värska cultural center you can see the freedom monument of the Pechory county. According to the initial plan it was supposed to be opened in the town of Pechory (now in Russia) in 1940, but the Soviet occupation put a stop to the plan. 80 years later, in 2020, the monument was finally erected in Setomaa. The current monument is based on the original project by Roman Haavamägi.The statue of a soldier is modelled and carved by the Estonian sculptor Tiiu Kirsipuu. The monument is constructed by Kivikuvand LLC.

The War of Independence (1918-1920) and the resulting Tartu Peace Treaty had a huge impact on Setomaa and the Seto people. Based on the peace treaty, the settlement area of Setos became part of the newly founded Estonian Republic. Up until then, the Setos had been living as quite a closed community on the border of Russia, maintaining a somewhat medieval lifestyle. After joining the Estonian Republic, a new era began in Setomaa, with its pros and cons.

The Freedom Monument is a memorial for those who fell during the Estonian War of Independence, and a sacrament celebrating the importance of the Tartu Peace Treaty for the Seto people.


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Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001