Värska church and cemetery

Velna tee 1, Värska , Setomaa vald, 64001

The Orthodox congregation was founded in Värska in 1759, and a wooden church dedicated to St. George was built the same year. The church was dismantled in 1907, when a new church, made of stones and bricks, was completed in Värska. The site of the old church’s altar, located about a dozen yards from the new church, is marked with a small tower and a cross.

The patron saint of Värska church is Saint George, therefore the biggest holiday of Värska is the St. George’s day celebrated on 6 May, according to the old calendar. The church is decorated by an early 20th century iconostasis with holy images depicting St. George, among others. This icon painted on wood dates back to the 17th century. Many well-known Seto cultural figures have been buried in the Värska churchyard, such as the famous song mother Anne Vabarna and the poet Paul Haavoks.

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Velna tee 1, Värska , Setomaa vald, 64001