Nopri Farm Dairy

Nopri has a producing a line of minimally processed traditional farm dairy products ranging from milk in bottles to hard cured cheeses.

Nopri talu, Kärinä küla, Rõuge vald

The Nopri farm was founded in 1859 and been a working farm ever since. At present, Nopri manages 180 cows that provide the raw materials from which the Nopri family produces a variety of milk products. The slogan of the farm is "From the farm straight to you!" because the products really are shipped directly from the farm. Nopri Farm's products - milk, yogurt, sour cream, cheeses, spreads, curd creams, smoothies, etc., are made locally, minimally processed, and healthy. And, of course, very tasty!

The dairy on the 2nd floor has a  shop.
Pre-book excursions to the dairy and farm.
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Vilve Niilo
+372 5660 8621
Nopri talu, Kärinä küla, Rõuge vald