Pikalombi hiking trail

Sanatooriumi tee , Väike-Rõsna, Setomaa vald, 64034

From the Värska sanatorium you can take a hike to the Velna look-out tower. It’s about 4-4.5 km trail that runs on village roads, through the Kremessova village. The roads are surrounded by lovely pine forests typical of the area, as well as by small farms, fields and wetlands. The water level of Lake Pskov used to be a lot higher not too long ago, that’s why the whole area is very wet.

The look-out tower is located by the edge of the Kurõsuu bog. Look carefully to spot different sights, such the Estonian and Russian border posts and Lake Saarepää in the other side of the bog. You can also see Lake Pskov and the tower of the Kulje church (in Russia) in the distance. The old board trail over the bog cannot be used, as the water level is too high. The beavers have taken over and built their own kingdom here. You can see castles made of branches, and tree trunks cut down by the beavers all around. You can take the same trail back to the sanatorium, or turn right after ca 500 m (ca 0.3 miles), following the signs of the hiking trail.


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Sanatooriumi tee , Väike-Rõsna, Setomaa vald, 64034