Piusa Caves Visitor Center

Külastuskeskuse, Piusa, Võru vald

The Piusa Caves, tunnels dug into the light sandstone, are undoubtedly one of the most famous tourist attractions in Southeast Estonia. For years now, a great, bat-shaped visitor center has awaited visitors. The center has a seminar room, a craft hall, a cinema, and numerous exhibits. Guests can watch movies about the bats, the most important residents of the caves, in the cinema, and then head to the museum's cave viewing platform with a tour guide. There are no bats in the caves in summer, they just come here to hibernate in the winter. Behind the museum is the Piusa sand quarry, Estonia's largest sandbox.

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Aino Suurmann
+372 5304 4120
Külastuskeskuse, Piusa, Võru vald