Southern Camp Hiking Trail

Voropi, Setomaa vald

This 2-km long hiking trail winds through the former southern camp (Estonian: Lõunalaagri) of the Estonian Defense Forces. In the 1920s, an impressive military complex was built here where infantrymen practiced in summer. Although there is nothing of the buildings, the lake between the trees, the old bridge, and several foundation stones and trenches speak to the reality of that time. Information boards can also be read about those days. One can also see how quickly nature can subsume all traces of human activity.
There is a campfire site and a camping site near Paisjärvi. The information board shows the connections between the hiking trail and the Laskevälja Bike Trail.

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Laskevälja Bike Trail. Distance: the trails meet in Lõunalaagri, 17 km from the starting point
God's Hill. Distance 9 km.
Old Jüri's Soap Shop. Distance 9 km. 
Mustoja Nature Park. Distance 3 km.

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Voropi, Setomaa vald