Värska farm museum and Tsäimaja

Pikk 56, Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001

The Värska farm museum was founded on the former sports field of the Northern camp. All the buildings have been collected from different villages of Setomaa or constructed following the old models. It is a wholesome farmstead that gives a good idea what a 1920’s wealthy farmstead with a semi-closed courtyard looked like.

The Värska farm museum is a living farm where there are chickens, rabbits and horses, a dog and a cat on the farm. There are seasonal exhibitions in the dwelling house and in the barns, including an exhibition presenting the handicraft of a different family every year. The threshing house becomes a big handicraft store in the summertime. On the field between the farm and Tsäimaja you can see a smithery and a pottery house.

Different thematic days are organized in the museum, and folk calendar events are celebrated here as well. In the summer there is a concert of Seto leelo once a week.

Tsäimaja (Tea house) serves a variety of traditional Seto cuisine. You can enjoy the local homemade pressed cottage cheese (sõir), cold soup (suulliim), open pies (piirak), oven-baked casseroles, pancakes etc.

Värska muuseum
+372 505 4673
Pikk 56, Värska, Setomaa vald, 64001